No Expiration / Duplicate Ticket Dilemma

My MIL and FIL had leftover tickets from a previous trip about 10 years ago – they are no expiration all-in-one hoppers and they had lost track of the number of days remaining on them. As we were planning our multi-family vacation (16 people) happening in July, I helped MIL/FIL assign the leftover tickets to their MDE account and discovered that one ticket has one day remaining and the other has two. We later determined that our group would be going to parks for three days during our trip. The intent at that point was to reassign all of the no-exp tickets to FIL (1+2) and purchase 1x 3-day ticket for MIL.

Perhaps I was unclear, or maybe FIL didn’t understand, but last week, he went to the local AAA office and purchased 2x 3-day non-refundable tickets that are also now assigned to his MDE.

So now, they wish to use the 3-day tickets for this trip and save the no-exp tickets for another future trip. The concern, however, is that the system will use the no-exp tickets on their first day at the parks – it is unclear in MDE how tickets are prioritized. Seeing some old advice from 2018, I attempted to create two “dummy” placeholder people in their MDE to transfer the no-exp tickets to, but unfortunately, the system gives me an error when I attempt to reassign the no-exp tickets.

At this point, I’m thinking that this needs to be resolved with a call to Disney Guest Services. Any other thoughts or advice?

Unfortunately I think you’ll have to call or either go to guest services when you arrive.

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I agree. For something this important there is nothing better than a face to face conversation with guest services.

Sadly with IT being as it has been lately, I wouldn’t trust a call in. But that’s just me.

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