No Epcot Dining Available?

Today is ADR day! I got pretty much everything I wanted, except there was no availability at the Epcot restaurants I was looking at - Garden Grill, Rose & Crown, and Trattoria al Forno (yes, I know it’s not IN Epcot). I’m guessing it’s because these restaurants will have Candlelight Processional packages in the near future. Thoughts? Experiences? Thanks!

I assume you’re looking for after thanksgiving, right? Don’t know what else it could be. Garden grill doesn’t exactly book early. I could find it for Nov 27th, which is the latest date i can see.

Yes, I’m looking at Thanksgiving through the following week.

There will be tables being held back for the packages.

What you could do is start a new thread with a title like “2019 Candlelight Processional Dining Package watch” and hope someone posts as soon as they notice them up.

The different restaurants’ packages go up at different times, but usually in batches.

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My ADR day was Wednesday for my Thanksgiving week trip and I just assumed that Garden Grill (and others I couldn’t find availability for on Thanksgiving day) just hadn’t had all their times released yet. I set up a reservation finder for it in hopes it’ll alert me when they are released.

I ended up making an ADR for Cape May dinner on Thanksgiving. They have traditional Thanksgiving offerings, but I was really hoping for GG that day, so finger’s crossed!

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I assumed that, but there are none available at all! I even looked 10 days out when presumably a 2:00 at Rose & Crown should be an easy reservation.

I did just manage to get Trattoria al Forno for 12/6.

I will be starting that other post momentarily. Thanks!

Did you happen to try to find any other Epcot ADRs for the days following Thanksgiving?

It could be that some restaurants haven’t been loaded into the system yet. It does happen.


I will be checking obsessively!

Yes, I made an Epcot reservation the day after Thanksgiving.

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Which restaurant?

Chefs de France.

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