No drama


Just wanted to say thank you for all on here for not filling the board with drama. I've been following a couple different sites over the past few months, as I plan my son's first trip. My husband and I have been to WDW many times, probably a dozen between the two of us. Well, to me that's a lot of trips. But this trip will be for us, entirely new, as we see the magic through our son's eyes. Recently, I've been getting frustrated with the whole planning process, though. Maybe I started planning too early, and now I'm just tired of waiting. Or maybe it's the incredibly childish drama I've been reading on another site. Anyway, I've decided I like this site much better. Thanks all for keeping it classy.


Isn't it wonderful here? Also- many of us just love to plan! Right now I have no Disney trip planned to hearing about other's trips brings me so much joy!


Agreed. I think other sites have more drama because here we all love both Disney and planning in general, so we enjoy living vicariously through each other.


Drama. What an ugky word iutside of the stage and the silver screen and some books.

I understand what you mean. This is a good group. We go on tangents. But we love Disney. We try and help answer questions and drool while reading trip reports from others.

There are many here i consider a freind. I have been here over 5 years. We do try and behave and forgive when we foget. I love chat but that one can have more drama at times.

So crazy Disney family keep it up.


Well we are cool - so you can say it. Have FUN with your son. It is so different. If I can just add - be prepared to discard your plans and follow your son (somewhat). I don't know his age - but assume fairly small (under 5). They get tired, cranky etc (but who doesn't) they also have a tenacity to not want to leave (again who here isn't the same way). So you may need to add some extra flexibility - and that is ok.

I remember one time we were there when the kids were young and my wife and were literally "STOP having fun here - we are late for having fun THERE!!!" We basically laughed and decided - we would have a bit of a plan - but if the kids wanted to spend 20 minutes playing with the fountain - well then we will spend 20 minutes playing with the fountain. So plan, enjoy and be flexible. Remember little kids don't plan - so if you are really going to experience it through him - you need to let go.


OMG! That reminds me of a moment on my DD's first trip. When DD was 3 I took her to WDW for the first time with a friend of mine and her sons. We were at DHS and waiting for the parade to start (they had a PARADE THEN!!) and my daughter found this great little tree and lo and behold: baby chameleons!! This was the most fascinating thing to her! Who cared about the Disney Jr. characters that were about to be parading through RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. Those chameleons were the highlight of her day!


HA - YUP!!! Nothing like spending $4000 a day to be outdone by chameleons!!! I know - we had to re-evaluate and determine that "duckies" were more exciting than Space Mountain. I quickly learned to go with their flow and then when my wife would go back to the room with them - I would stay and a ride my rides. Everyone was happy. Our son also referred to our room (just a regular hotel room) as "the apartment.


I'm fairly certain I paid less for my first apartment than some of those rooms, he may be on to something.... Though if I could actually live in one for a few months I'd be good with that!


This is the best site ever! My experience with another site was that everyone just wanted to "one up" one another with how much of an expert they were about the parks, but no one really helped me with my questions or my obsession with planning. Enter touring plans... it was love at first sight, or should I say "post." :heart_eyes:

Thanks to everyone here who makes the planning and discussion so much fun!


Great advice. We are going a week before his 3rd birthday. We are staying on site so we can take naps mid-day. I've got touring plans for AK and HS because HS is a half day for us and my husband has never been to AK. For Mk and Epcot, we have a loose plan, explore fantasy land in am, lunch, nap, explore adventure Land in evening... That sort of loose. Of course, I've made fast passes where I think we will be throughout the day. I'm sure we'll go back in a few years, so no problem if we miss anything.


This place is great. :slight_smile:

One thing that really helps my kids is to print out the TP and let them see it in advance. Then, while we are there, they like to look at it to see where we are going next. If they feel like it's their plan too, they're more likely to want to stick with it.


I like that. I used to print all my travel documents, including an agenda with day to day highlights. But since I'm carrying a phone, snacks, pull-ups, bottle water, etc., one less thing to carry is a plus for me. I've viewed my touring plans on my phone via the app, and it seems pretty straightforward. I like the "done" button, and will try that out on our trip, as I love crossing things off my list! Also, I've got the agenda in the one drive (Microsoft cloud), so I can refer to it on the phone, if I want a quick snap shot of the other days. My son is a Taurus and a threenager, though, so it's better for all of us if he doesn't realize I've planned out all of our days. He likes to think he's in charge. :slight_smile:


3 is such a fun age!!! They also have the games in MK which is fun. You can do it at will and it is just a fun diversion. Have a great time!!


I also love that I feel this site is very welcoming. I've learned a lot here and never feel like anyone makes you feel like you are asking "dumb" questions. They just graciously provide tips and advice for the most basic questions on up. And if people disagree on info or advice, for the most part I feel like everyone is great about expressing different opinions without anyone getting defensive. I have seen and experienced myself people providing corrections to info that has been shared without making the person who may have been incorrect feel attacked.


The sense of accomplishment I feel from hitting that done button after each stop is way more than any normal person should feel! I get a kind of high off of it. I may need help...


One piece of advice though - print your touring plan out and take it with you. Fold it small, and carry it. If you lose your phone, your plan is gone. Also, ADR confirmation #s.... I took all my email confirmations with me that i needed each day when I left the hotel room. about 3 or 4 out of 10 cast members needed it.... they had a hard time finding my reservations this last time for some reason.


Remember as the passporter moms say to do less and enjoy more. Your 3 y/o may be happier playing in a fountain. You may discover more through your child's eyes. Take cues from them and if naps are needed, indulge.


No such thing :wink:

Seriously, welcome aboard. We can get a bit dramatic and childish at times, but by and large, Liners are a fantastic group of people and we're so glad you found us :slight_smile:


Some of the best memories I have of my daughter's first trip are when we were at Epcot. She had dressed up like Cinderella for breakfast at Akershus, and her little 3 year old self was OVER the CM's making note of how beautiful Cinderella was that morning (Mom, don't they know I'm NOT REALLY Cinderella?!?). After breakfast she changed into non princess clothes and we spent about 45 minutes in the splash pad in between FW and WS. Totally changed the tenor of the day. I still have the pictures that I spent a FORTUNE on as a photographer came by and just had fun snapping pics of her.