No DME luggage tags?

We leave in 3 days and I only just realized that we never received our DME luggage tags. I read that we just give the rep at MCO our baggage claim info and proceed to the bus as normal - but should I trust that? Anyone here gone through that process?
I know I can pick up and transport my own bags but I’d prefer that they do it - I have enough to keep track of with a husband and two littles in tow :wink:

My family has done that without an issue. I know some people don’t trust it, but it worked out for us. As always, you want to make sure you’ve got a change of clothes and any essentials with you in your carry on (medication, chargers, etc). But we had our bags in the usual three hour time frame when we went this route. I wouldn’t be too concerned.

Thanks! I’m glad to hear! I always pack 2 days worth of clothes/supplies in our carry-on luggage so I guess I’d have that much time to sort things out should our checked bags go missing.
I guess I have to decide which is less-stressful solution - lugging all of our bags ourselves or potentially having to manage lost luggage during our stay. Sounds like the latter is unlikely!

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On one of our trips a few years ago they never sent us the MDE tags. We just gave the info on our bags to the desk at MDE and they successfully got them to our resort. I would probably call in advance just to make sure that’s still the procedure and they expect to be able to do it. But worst case you stop by the MDE desk and they say “No we can’t” and you go to baggage claim. I’d expect you stop by, they say “Sure we just need your baggage claims” and you hop on MDE and are off for a Magical vacation…Have fun.

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