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We hit the 60 day mark a few days ago so have started searching for dining. We are staying offsite, so it’s one day at a time for us. I’m beginning to regret our decision to even go. As a planner, in the past I loved walking into the park with FastPass’s and dining reservations done. Now the FP’s are out and we are seeing absolutely no dining reservations available. Two of the three days there are exactly 0 reservations available at any restaurant for the park we are in and the third day has very limited availability at the German restaurant in Epcot which is a hard pass for my family. We were really looking forward to going back to some of our favorites.

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How are you searching? Are you in MDE and selecting by ‘breakfast, lunch or dinner?’ If so, try selecting a specific time ie. 5pm. I often get no ADRs to choose from if I choose a meal type but get lots of choices when I select a specific time.

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Thanks. I’ve been searching both “Lunch” or “Dinner” as well as various times with the same results. I’ve noticed that some places seem to be closed during meals. For example, MDE shows Yak and Yeti only open for lunch, but closed for Dinner the day we are there, despite having a dinner menu online.

I’ve heard other people say the same thing which is odd. Why does availability show up with a time entered but not a “Dinner” entered?

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go to reason: Disney IT failure :wink:
I know to keep trying though b/c ADRs pop up all the time.


Sometimes if you search for a specific restaurant, and a specific time, it might show you choices, also, the app vs. a browser can change what you see.

The Disney dining search has not worked well but it also helps to expand your search to resorts.


Just to add to this, Now will also show you things that aren’t listed any place else, once you get there.

We did not have a problem getting what we wanted to eat day of and this was the week and a 1/2 before spring break. So if you don’t see what you want now, it could easily popup when you are there. Or you can set up the reservation finder here and lock it in when you want.


You can also come at the ADR from different angles. You might try online bringing up a date and time search for all restaurants and find nothing for the restaurant you are looking for. Try going to the restaurant listing itself and try to make your reservation that way. I have done this in the past and have scored. As stated, restaurant reservations come up all the time especially 24 hours before because people are canceling multiple reservations to avoid no show fees.

When staying off-site - I have booked my Park Reservations based on what ADRs I could get vs the other way around. You definitely do not get the hard to gets very easily, usually for those I rely on the reservation finder, or a lot of checking, especially as trip gets closer.

Thanks all. I’ll keep trying the suggestions. Don’t get me started on the people making more reservations than they know they will use. This really seems like madness though. It feels like Disney is intent on breaking what was working. I just sorted by “Asian” cuisine in Epcot and received results that there were no restaurants meeting that criteria. I suspect Teppan Edo and Tokyo Dining would disagree.


I rarely plan trips over 60 days ahead anymore, or make changes later, so often find myself in your position, in fact I’m looking right now for my Memorial Day trip. I use the TP reservation finder which allows 2 searches, but in order to have more going at once I also use which you can subscribe to on a monthly basis. It will allow lots of searches and you will want text alerts when something comes available because often they are gone fast. Using these along with checking frequently I can usually find just about everything I want. It is true that more will become available the closer you get to your trip.

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At Disney right now and there are a good number of hard to get ADR restaurants with a walk up list available (at least for my family of 6).