No complaints, but can this really be trusted

Got the standard TP email again yesterday that crowd levels during my visit have been adjusted again. Fortunately almost every change was a decrease, which would be wonderful, but some are so drastic it seems almost unbelievable.

For example, Epcot on the Sunday and Monday of Thanksgiving week dropped from CL 9 to CL 4 and CL 10 to CL 4 respectively. Seems there would have to be some major reason for this drastic of a change. That’s more than a minor adjustment!

Here’s to hoping it’s correct, but at this point I’m skeptical.


I got some updates too for late September that seem lower than I would expect. I guess. I way to tell. Arm yourself with a good touring plan to be safe.

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Got the same update… some parks on certain days in Feb 2018 dropped from 6-7 to a 1. Too good to be true? I hope it’s correct too!

I received updates for next week. :slight_smile:

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I’ve gotten updates for the last few months for my August trip. They had gone up and down and up and down again. I’m not surprised mine went down (last two weeks of August), I was surprised that they went up pretty high previously. None of the overall WDW numbers dropped drastically. Just MK on party days dropped significantly.

Apparently the resort rooms are not as full as they have been. Maybe people are saving their money to go when Star Wars opens.

Before our May trip we had CLs changing every few months. Some up and some down. I took it with a grain of salt.

Same here, all decreases for my days in early December! Not complaining, just surprised and wondering the reasoning?

I got the same email. Lots of CL1 and CL2, but all decreases. It isn’t changing my plan at all, but the lower the better! Be prepared either way.


YES! Anyone know why the decreases??

Actual crowds probably haven’t changed. The way TP is calculating them has. :slight_smile:

I did not get the impression that TP has re-calculated how they make their crowd levels. They already did that not too long ago. The recent changes seem due to reduced on-site reservations according to the link noted by thekid.

I am tracking dates and noticed when I went to my dashboard that the crowd levels were decreased but I haven’t gotten any email alerting me of this. Any idea why not? Is there some sort of setting I need to change?

There should be something on the setting where you can get email alerts.

I really wish they could give July travelers SOMETHING to go on when it comes to TSL. Even weekly updates would be helpful.

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Sorry. I really just meant that the actual levels of the crowds that will show up on those dates didn’t suddenly change, only that the information TP is using to calculate the expected crowds changed. It was a failed attempt to be funny!

In other words, it wasn’t like that there were suddenly mass cancellations changing things, but only that newly-known factors used to calculate the crowds were now taken into account.

Sorry for misinterpreting. I thought you were referring to how TP makes a 5/10 now a 4/10 thus disillusioning people into believing that Disney is less busy. I know it is still busy but somehow manage to convince myself that the 2/10 is going to be better than the 5/10 from 10 years ago.

No biggie. In hindsight, I can see that I didn’t word my humor very humorously! :slight_smile: