No biergarten ADR availability

I can’t find any Biergarten ADR availability at the beginning of January. Anyone have experience trying to book this at the 60-day mark? I know some places don’t release ADRs until a few days later, but didn’t remember this being the case for Biergarten.

I found something for Dec 30th, which is 61 days out. But nothing after that. So I guess they are releasing ADRs right at 60ish days.

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Well, that is annoying. We love German food, so that is one of our first desired ADR’s.

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Until they started releasing CP packages randomly that is 1 restaurant I had seen 0 availability for during all my searches for my December trip. I don’t know what is up with that bc normally it’s easy to book just like Nine Dragons.

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I found Biergarten is the only buffet that stayed about the same as it used to be. The other buffets have reduced selections and most restaurants are homestyle now where you get what they bring you. Oh it is true they will bring you as much as you want in small portions but I find what they bring is not always what I would have selected. Other restaurants menus have very limited selections and some only one (BOG). This I believe is why Biergarten has all of a sudden became so popular.

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Interesting observation and probably correct. I have noticed that complaint for the other places that returned to buffet. For example, that there is no longer crab legs. I like a small/average quantity but a large variety. So, family style is the worst for me. I get the limited selection of ordering from a menu, but without leftovers.

I posted this somewhere else but I highly recommend the reservation finder on here. It came through with every search I did, including Topolino’s. It just takes some patience.

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Still not seeing any availability in early January. Very strange to me.

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I agree that I think it’s strange and I really, really doubt it is booked!

No I even tried with a leading reservation, and have had a reservation finder set up since then. There has never been availability for early January.

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Wouldn’t it be terrible if Biergarten - and perhaps other dining locations - were the victim of some weird bug/glitch within the Disney dining booking engine?

Could happen…

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I might have a clue on that.
I called and waited fooorrrreeevvvver to talked to a reservation person because Oga’s wasn’t showing available. She said that sometimes they just don’t load the next week’s reservations for certain places. She said Oga’s and Biergarten have that happen a lot. For Oga’s she looked and no one else had reservations for my day. So she sent a message to someone telling them to load the reservations. The next morning I was able to reserve.

ETA: So, maybe they never loaded the reservations, and no one pestered them.

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What the actual heck???

(see above!)

You see no availability and what do you (normally) assume except it’s just full? :woman_shrugging:

I guess we should not ASSume anything, esp when Disney IT is involved


The only reason I called was because I thought they had a different glitch. Based on the dates available, I thought that the ADR window wasn’t moving forward. I thought it was because it was an experience and not dining. The last date available had just happened to be my check-in date plus 10. But, my first ADR date had been two days before.

So, I have plans to get Biergarten for Feb 8th for dinner. Which is one day too far in the future. But, I thought I’d see if anything was available for Feb 7th, which is 70 days away. No availability. I also tried for the 6th since the 7th is a Deluxe hours at EP. No availability for then either.
Either they are closing Biergarten or they haven’t loaded the reservations.

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How about you call and ask for us?


They probably know you by name by now.

Pretty please???



Actually, I have plans to call Disney tomorrow at 7am Florida time. I’d cancelled a one-night reservation and the money hasn’t appeared anywhere. While I was there, I thought I’d ask.

I’d actually planned on doing that this morning, but hung out in bed too long.

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You all do realize that Biergarten is one of the few buffets left. It is also the best of the buffets in my opinion. Isn’t it unreal that before covid one had no problem getting reservations.

Are you implying the fact that it is a buffet is the reason there is an ADR glitch? I’m confused by your comment.

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