NO AK FP showing available

So we are planning AK for June 4th. I was just nosing around and checking out FP availability while I wait for our onsite booking window. On here and it shows none available after May 26th. It is only for AK, all other parks are showing availability. Is this due to Pandora changing FP options and TP system is down? Or is there really nothing available? Sorry if seem to be jumping the gun but if I can’t even obtain a single FP there is no point going there at all.

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I noticed this as well. I hope they get up the availability soon.

Yeah I was just figuring since I’m only a week out and a few days are now showing up for us it wouldn’t hurt to see what is currently there, and to kill a bit of my boredom. It’s slightly concerning when you plan on a park and it doesn’t show any, first thought is: WE ARE NOT GOING INTO THAT MADHOUSE!!!

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I am sure there will be FPs available when you book.

The website is still showing no fastpass data past May 26 for AK. What gives?

On May 27th all the rules for AK fly out the window?