No ADR for Plaza Inn, WOC Dessert for Oct...clues?

Planning a trip to DLR in Oct. Within the 60 days for ADR, while I can make some reservations (Ariel’s, PCH grill, Goofy’s) No times available shows up for Minnie and Friends at Plaza Inn and WOC Dessert. Anyone know what is up with that?

I know there are changes being made for the WOC arrangements. I am not sure about the Plaza Inn. Have you tried calling or chatting online with the staff to ask. Usually when it is 60 days out they will have a better clue about what is going on.

Those are both notoriously slower than the 60 days to finalize their schedules. Keep checking (if you haven’t seen them come up yet) and they will come available if they’re being offered, which most likely the Plaza will be, probably the Dessert party too!! The dessert party may take some extra patience as sometimes they don’t release packages until closer to 30 days (sometimes), more often when seasons/holidays are in flux like Halloween/Christmas. Calling or chatting is a great idea and that way if there is any knowledge of what the delay is or when they will be available, you’ll know have that knowledge too. Worst case is you’ll still be in your same waiting stage.

Plaza dates are up for at least the first week of Oct. Park hours just came out so that delayed breakfast dates at Plaza, according to a phone CM

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Thanks. Got it taken care of this morning.

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