No 2015 Countdown? There's a Support Group for that


@MagicMN and I were feeling sad because we can't go to WDW for a while. We thought a support group for those of us without countdowns might be a good thing to have. Feel free to vent, whine or let your sads show here. We'll cheer each other up. We can also encourage each other to stick with our "No Travel" decisions.

(Also, I'm putting this in WDW/other so that new people can see it, but I can move it to La Cava if the details get too personal.)


My focus and purpose: In 2014 we averaged $4-$5K per month going to WDW. I am committing to 6 months of focus to win in family court so myself and DS10 can move to Celebration FL. The $30K in cash we save is either furnishing our new place in FL OR if I am am unsuccessful we will use the $$ for an epic Adventures by Disney + Disney Cruise.

For me, this is worse than a diet. I am a single mom. DS10 and I have changed our lives by going to WDW - so many excellent and amazing new friends. But, eye on the long term prize. No one encourage me or egg me on. I have cancelled all pending reservations and ADRs except the monster 25 person one for 24 hour day at Ohana- others can use it. I can't go this year and I am gong to have to be OK with that.

I think @MDU is my greatest temptation for fun - I'd follow her over a cliff
@joannes1959 and her husband Roger are my greatest temptation for family happy; no cliffs and plenty of free water
@BGK tempts my drinks to try and savor
@KeliJ makes it all seem ok since her kids are younger and they go, right?
@TheORIGINALTiana tempts me because she makes it all seem so easy and right
@felesh tempts me because she's so upstanding and so it can't be wrong
@niter tempts me because he's so kind to us and Matthew LOVES wifey
@Beachmom01 tempts me because it's all so fun and sparkly

@Camsdad is nice to look at
@Outer1 is fun and laughs at all my jokes
@MaccysMousehouse never leaves me alone
@Okie classes up the joint
@DarthDopey is willing to take one for the team and ride front row with DS10

YOU PEOPLE make me want to be at WDW 24/7 and as they say You're a hard habit to break

You are all the jelly donut of my WDW diet. I need 6 months of cold turkey. I am going to let the AP's expire and hope to renew an a FL resident.


We have never traveled very much. We have a great life, but only one salary, and we have to save for a long time before taking frivolous (ie: not visiting family) trips. I had a really difficult year in 2013, so we decided that it was time for some fun travel.

In February 2014 we use the money we'd saved for 2+ years on our first-ever family trip to WDW. It was wonderful. A few weeks after we got home, we found out that we were strongly encouraged to join my husband's family for his parents' 50th wedding anniversary celebration at Virginia Beach in June. We tacked a weekend in Washington DC onto the end of the week. It's was spectacular! Then I scrimped and saved so I could use my extra household budget money to do my solo WDW trip in November. It was life changing!

In the meantime, we had a leak behind the wall of our shower that needed to be repaired and our living room furniture literally BROKE and had to be replaced. These things, the trips, and a few other surprise expenses in 2014 have sucked all of the extra funds from every savings account and accrued a credit card debt for the first time in years. It's time to stop playing and start paying (and saving.)

2015 is going to be VERY QUIET.


Thank you. I now feel vaguely dirty and ashamed.


But loved - loved like I want to lick..I mean suck..I mean....Well, you're good stuff.


I was just thinking I feel all sticky now (being a donut and all)


That's not helping.

I guess it beats being the Metamucil of your Disney diet.


(Psst. @MagicMN - tagging friends who go to WDW ALL THE TIME will not help us stick to our necessary no-countdown decisions. They are all tempters and temptresses.)


You're more like the Bavarian cream filled chocolate covered long john - even ooey'er and gooey'er than the others. You drip temptation from the donut case of you eat it in the car vs making it home.

Maybe need to move it to forum


Ahhhhhh @MagicMN. I am proud to be counted among those amazing liners that visit often, but I am an imposter!! My family went in Oct 2013 and have only been back for MNSSHP this fall. That was only because we were staying for free in my aunt's condo and I schemed to end up there! Dh and I did manage a couple's trip last June because of a work conference.
This has been my best stretch yet. We were there for one day in 2012, one week in 2013 and 2x in 2014. Prior to that, we had not been since 2008 and prior to that, had only had a handful of day trips while visiting family.
I am currently without a countdown and sadly join your support group frowning Dh is working hard to become a leader for the conference that landed us there last year. That is my best hope. Otherwise, I am hoping to spend my 40th in MK in July 2015. My dream is to have APs, but as a family of 5, it will be a dream for a while. My focus is on moving (still in house sellin purgatory) and that will suck all extra funds from the budget.
@MagicMN, keep your eye on the prize! That will be an amazing prize and well worth the drought! Know that I will be sitting at home stalking instagram and forums for details of trips and fun with you. It can sustain you!


Well aren't you sweet! But I hope you mean I don't leave you behind and not really that I don't leave you alone or I shall feel all the shittiness smile

Keep your eye on the prize is right. We're in your corner, Lady. You know that.


@MagicMN - you are super NICE too. I think you are being wise and won't discourage you from sticking to your plan. I also don't have a 2015 countdown and don't know if I will.


@MagicMN, muuuaahhh! You do what is best for you and DS. I really don't think I make it look easy. 😃


Can I officially join in April? I have always been a yearly trip to wdw planner. This past year my obsession completely took over. I bought an AP, got 50,000 SW points and the "year of my AP" began. I have had trips in May, June/July, October, December and my last one is April. I have stayed at WL, Poly, BC, AKL,and BW. I am booked at YC/AKL in April. I have discovered signature dining and the joys of TiW. I am already teary thinking about my last trip. I am really, really going to need this thread.


Yes. Of course. It's totally understandable that you'll be very sad in the months after a great year like yours.


Yes, I am going to be a brat about this at home. I am going to whine, pout and be a bigger bitch than I usually am (if that is possible). That is usually how the next trip gets booked.


Well you for sure make it look GOOD!


Ooh, can I join the support group?

I had 4 Disney trips in 2014: WDW in Feb for princess half marathon, Hong Kong Disneyland as part of a larger China trip, DL in Aug for half marathon, and WDW in Nov for wine and dine half marathon.

Now, with some health issues I need to take care of (pretty minor, but will require some recuperation), and my goal of visiting all 50 states (I've got 5 to go!), 2015 is going to be a light Disney year.

Might go to DLR in Nov for avengers half marathon, but shouldn't need to decide until April.

Best of luck and stay strong to everyone in their resolve!


Welcome! I hope your health issues clear up quickly. It sounds like you had a spectacular 2014 as well.


Hi. I need to join too! Single Mom to DD10, and I've used our WDW trips to try to ease the pain of the divorce and custody issues. We returned home last Saturday from Christmas in the world, and it will likely be our last trip for a while. frowning