No 2015 AAA Discounts!

Hiya, Liners! I just wanted to pass this on. I called Disney tonight to check for AAA discounts for my RO reservation early next year and I was told that there will be NO AAA discounts at all next year. I asked the CM twice and she said they’re no longer affiliated with AAA! I’m super disappointed since I’ve gotten some really great discounts on my RO reservations with AAA in the past. I’ll just have to keep my eyes peeled for Disney’s offers for next year.

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Thank you for the post! Darn, we count on those and have used that for years. Hv reservation for dec with AAA discount and it beats other offers out there. Guess it will be last hurrah!

I never thought to ask about AAA discount. Going in Dec to GF on late Fall RO discount, are u saying I can stack a AAA on top of that? What are historic discounts - 10%?

You can’t stack the discounts. It’s one or the other. Usually AAA discounts have been between 10% and 20% for me (we usually stay at POFQ). If the fall RO offer is more than that, you’ve probably already got a good deal. :slight_smile:

Yep…I’ve heard of this before. AAA will no longer have special offers exclusive to them. Also no more special AAA parking spots. As of 2015.

That’s a shame - we have been using AAA discounts for many years at Disney.

Yeah, I remember hearing this was coming when the Diamond lots started disappearing. Wonder if it’s something to do with Universal’s AAA relationship. I think the did something similar with not taking Discover Card in the late 90s due to Uni’s relationship with them

Does that apply to park tickets as well? I’ve always purchased tickets through AAA, hoping I don’t have to branch out…

Crap. I’m going to miss the diamond lots. :frowning:

Thanks for posting. For my previous RO reservations, I’ve booked like this: Booked Rack Rate --> called to apply AAA 10% discount once available --> called to apply General Public Discount once available --> and since I’ve had an AP, called to get AP discount once available. So, no more AAA step. I know the others are never guaranteed to be available but fingers crossed they will be.

AAA and Disney were unable to renew their contract, that news broke early this year (maybe last year).

I have some AAA agent friends as of last time I asked (June) some clubs were still going to buy tickets and sell at a discount in club but it will vary by region. Those that sold a lot of tickets before will continue to but if your region/club only sold a handful I would not expect them to offer the discount.