Nintendo World is looking very promising

After seeing Diagon Alley, I now trust Universal more than Disney when it comes to theming and Super Nintendo World is looking great!

Here are the pics in case you don’t like clicking at links:


On my! Thank you !

Looks amazing! This is their “blue sky” model though. Let’s see how it looks once actual budgets and costs come out. :thinking:

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What I’m most looking forward to is how they plan to change gravity to allow you to jump just like in the games, and get the friction on the surfaces just right to make you slide slightly each time you change directions.

That IS part of the plan, isn’t it?


I read this article earlier and I would love it if they keep the Donkey Kong section the way it is. Donkey Kong Country holds a special place in my heart and I would LOVE to see that part play out! (And I also love the idea of the Yoshi omnimover.)


Wait… WHAT??? WHEN IS THIS HAPPENING? Universal is barely on my radar screen, but hubby and teen sons insist we always include a day there when going to Disney. But this, THIS could definitely get me more excited for including Universal in our plans in the future!

Ok, I found an article that says Orlando will be 2023 or later…something to look forward to!

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