Nighttime shows

Would you do a wishes dessert party with a 6 year old and 4 year old? Best night show for kids that age?? Don’t think we can do more than one, maybe two, late nights without affecting our days in the park! thanks in advance

If you are sure they will be able to stay awake. It’s a lot of money to spend for a little to sleep through. If you do it, I would recommend early in the trip while they are still excited and less exhausted.

And best night show would be wishes or StarWars fireworks (2nd)

We were there when my littles were 6 and 4, they liked wishes a lot, but also really loved MSEP (which I know isn’t a show, but a parade, but something about it, nighttime, decent length parade, so many characters, the lit up floats etc…). I too considered Wishes Dessert Party but decided against it after getting input of others here on TP. Didn’t sound worth the cost.


Yes the MSEP is wonderful! One of the most magical experiences at MK.

I’m such a beginner. What is msep

MSEP is Main Street Electrical Parade.