Nighttime at AK

Will be at WDW late Oct/early Nov. Have never been to AK at night (park closed at 5 last time we were there). I haven’t seen Pandora or Rivers of Light. I have our TP set up to hit NRJ at rope drop and FP FoP at 9 AM (still predicting a 30 minute wait if I score the FP.) I hear Pandora is absolutely breathtaking at night, but I want to catch Rivers of Light. Is there time after the show to go back and explore/ride attractions at dark or do they usher everyone out after the show is over? Thanks for any advice!

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In late October/early November will you be there after daylight savings time ends? Pandora is besutiful at night but I do not think it has to take much tupime to see it . I think there is more to see in daylight.

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Daylight savings will still be going on. We don’t “fall back” until the day we drive home. I’m a lil bummed because I keep reading about how beautiful the parks are at night but am wondering if we will get to experience it!

Last Labor Day weekend I was able to see a Pandora at night and a RoL with the dining package.