Nightmare Before Christmas Overlay

Would anyone happen to know when the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay is put up at HM at DLR? And is the attraction closed during that time?

Early September I think, and yes it will be closed during the overlay. The overlay is amazing and is our favorite ride, along with the overlay on HM, during the fall.

We just booked a trip there in late October, so it sounds like it should be open at that time. I was looking into the overlay a little. I expected that maybe they’d throw in a couple Jack Skellingtons or something - kind of like they did with Jack Sparrow in PotC - but it looks like the ride is nearly completely different, including the audio. Is this correct?

Just realized I was talking about the Ghost Galaxy overlay above…sorry about that! The HM overlay happens about the same time though. Should be all done before your October trip. It is more than an overlay…like a complete retheming of the ride. I love it, it is really well done and (for me) much better than the original ride. The audio is different as well. They make a new gingerbread house every year and put it on the dining table. So much fun!

I took a crazy five hour trip to DL last December ( work trip in San Diego). I was amazed by the overlay! I will admit to standing there with my mouth open, quietly giggling. Yes, the audio was different but I hope you love it as much as I did.

I have to admit that I’m not a little disappointed that HM gets such a huge overlay. :cry: I haven’t seen it yet, so I realize I am pre-judging. I’m sure it’s fine on it’s own. But HM is one of our favorite rides, and it sounds like it essentially won’t be there when we go. Plus with the overlay I’m guessing that we won’t get to see the Hat Box Ghost either. I’m hoping that that new feature will make them decide not to do the overlay this year, but probably not.

If I may use a fast-food analogy, it would be like going to BK for a Whopper. When you ask for a Whopper, what they give you they still technically call a “Whopper,” but instead of a regular bun they use pita bread; instead of a beef patty, they use a tofu patty; instead of tomato, they use apple slices. Now, maybe on it’s own it would be fine, but you were really craving a regular Whopper.

Besides HM and SM, are there any other huge changes that I can expect? Like, Will all the fireworks be orange and all the music be done by Justin Bieber? Is PotC going to get a “Klump Christmas Dinner” overlay? Will PPF be overlayed with characters from Happy Gilmore?

I know you think you will miss the original HM, but really, don’t feel that way. It is still there. The overlay is incredible. You still get to ride in your Doom Buggy and see lots of neat effects. Not sure what will happen to the Hat Box Ghost, maybe he will don a Christmas stocking. There will be fall decorations everywhere, and It’s a Small World will probably have its holiday overlay by then too. If you go to Mickey’s Halloween party you will get a great fireworks show and the calvacade, other than that it should be business as usual. Nights that don’t have the party (party is usually Tuesday and Friday nights) should have the new parade and fireworks.


It opens September 11, 2015. I personally am not a fan of the overlay - I find it to be a bit frenetic rather than spooky, and it gives me sensory overload.

That’s how it looks to me too in the videos and pictures that I’ve seen – frenetic and cluttered. I can feel the stress already. :anguished: I wonder how popular it really is. I understand that some like it, but would anyone be really upset if they stopped doing the overlay altogether? It seems like a lot of work and unnecessary time for it to be closed if it’s something that most guests don’t prefer or even if they simply have a take-it-or-leave-it feeling about it.

I think it’s a love/hate thing. Some people love it and look forward to it every year, but many people (including almost everyone that I have taken to the park) like the “normal” HM better. I love The Nightmare Before Christmas, and I still do not enjoy the overlay.

Based on how long the lines were for it during my October and November trips (compared to April and June), I would say many really enjoy it. DLR has so many locals, I am sure they enjoy having different experiences in the park based on time of year. I know I do, and I’m not local. I don’t really care for the movie at all, but the overlay makes me think that I do!

I can understand that point of view for the locals or for those who are in a position to make it to the park numerous times a year, but for those of us that can only make it once or twice a year (if that), it’s a little irritating. We want to visit the park that we remember. It seems like there are plenty of holiday decorations and activities available to make the experience there a little different without their having to mess with the classic attractions.

Oh well. First-world problems, right? :wink: Even if we end up absolutely hating HMH, I’m confident it’s not going to ruin our entire visit to DLR.

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Makes sense!

Are there Fast Passes for Haunted Mansion Holiday this year?

Yes, there are FPs. The official DL app now shows the FP window times available for distribution.

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