Night time shows - which to pick?

Hi. We are heading back to WDW end Aug/early Sept this year with my DD7 and DD9. Last time we visited (two years ago) the combination of jet lag (we’re UK based) and the heat meant that everyone was exhausted by about 5pm and we didn’t make it to any of the nighttime shows.

I’m hoping that this year might be a bit different as the girls are a bit older although my hope may be misplaced…

So - my question is - if you could only do one nighttime show which would it be ?

(We stay off-site if that makes any difference to your answer !)

Thanks in advance for those who are able to advise…

I’d go with Wishes or Fantasmic. I’m in my early 30s now, but I was 9 or 10 when IllumiNations first came out, and I remembered it being kind of boring when I was a kid (honestly, I still think it’s kind of boring). As Fantasmic and Wishes are the only nighttime shows that incorporate Disney characters, those are probably your best bet. Fantasmic also has seating, so that’s a plus.

My family’s favorite is MK. We love the electrical parade and wishes fireworks a lot. All of us from preschool age up love it. I would say Fantasmic at HS is a distant second. My DD9 thought it was good, but she didn’t just love it. My crew was indifferent to Illuminations. We haven’t seen any of the new shows (like the Star Wars fireworks or AK evening stuff…)

I agree with the consensus. Wishes is my favorite, with Fantasmic! being a close second. If you are there for Wishes you might as well watch the electrical parade too. I enjoyed IllumiNations, but it didn’t really stand out to me much.

However, keep in mind the new Star Wars Galactic Spectacular at DHS that will be starting soon. It’ll probably be going when you and your family are there. From what I’ve heard about it so far, it should be pretty incredible.

Although not my personal favorite, if you’ve never seen any of them, than Wishes in the MK should be your choice. It’s classic and really quite magical the first few times you see it. I’ve seen it enough times that it’s really not worth it to me to find and defend a spot on MS (the ONLY place to watch it for the first time) anymore. The new SW show in DHS would be my personal first choice.

I understand the feelings for Wishes and I love it too (especially is you watch Celebrate the Magic first) but the current Srptar Wars fireworks are amazing and I expect the new ones to be as well.

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I live in Houston with a very similar climate to Orlando and find the heat while touring to be tough. Really consider breaking for swimming and naps mid-day to early evening (1pm - 5pm are my preferred times) Then head back to the parks around 5-6pm for the night time activities. You will be amazed how reenergized and refreshed you feel after breaking during the heat of the day.