Night of Joy Crowd Question

Good Morning! I hope that everyone is having fun and enjoying Leap Day! My sister has been working to plan my Bachelorette Party in Disney and just realized that our selected dates match up with the Night of Joy event. I saw that they moved the performances out of MK, but I wasn’t sure if anyone had an idea of how the crowds might affect our touring? Kathleen and I love Disney and were just there in August, but many of my friends haven’t been since they were little. I want to be sure that we can get on all of the rides, do some character meals, etc. We will not be buying tickets for the event.

The Crowd Calendar is showing the dates as 1s and 2s currently, but I wasn’t sure if Night of Joy would affect that? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Hard ticketed events like NOJ and MNSSHP are taken into account when the TP folks calculate the Crowd Levels, so you should be OK here.

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I think there is still some confusion on what MK access will look like that night.

Please remember CLs are only based on ride wait times between 10-5. They have no correlation to actual attendance on event nights.