Night of Joy 2016 Anyone going?

Good morning. My oldest son wants to go to Night of Joy. Will any of you be around that weekend?

I wish :frowning: I enjoyed NOJ last year :slight_smile:

That’s good to hear. This will be our first time.

You will LOVE it :slight_smile: It rained last year on us and we skipped the music and rode rides :slight_smile: But you could still hear the music and it made it nice walking through the park listening to Christian Music :slight_smile:

I just noticed that they relocated the event to the ESPN wide world of sports :frowning: What were they thinking :frowning:

Yes, that’s a little disappointing. I’m hoping since we’ve never been it will still be a great time because we have nothing to compare it to. I’m hoping weather won’t be much of an issue at the new venue. I wish we would have been able to experience it in the park too. We put it off last year and when we found out it would be on his actual birthday weekend this year we decided to try it.

That is awesome that it is on his birthday :slight_smile: Happy Early Bday :slight_smile: That is what I went for last year :slight_smile: I celebrated my 40th bday in Feb and that was my gift :slight_smile: I took my cousin with me :slight_smile: We had an AWESOME time but after the year we had it was something nice to look forward too! :frowning: