Night entertainment with high CL?

I’m planning a spring break 2019 trip and the crowds worry me. Especially when it comes to nighttime entertainment. I’m already planning to book a dessert party for HEA, but unsure what to do for the others. We’ll skip the Star Wars fireworks altogether (I’m the only huge SWs fan in my family), but do want to see Fantasmic! & RoL. Are the dinner packages worth it? I’m not worried about IN.
DD is going to be 10, I’m not even 100% sure she can handle this many late night/early mornings. Wondering if I should just pick 2 night time shows for our week long visit? I am planning rest time in the middle of each day.

There are many good seats for Fantasmic! so I don’t feel like a dinner package is necessary for that. We did a Tusker House dinner package for RoL and thought it was worth it. If you’re not sure that your DD will handle all of the late shows, you might not want to invest in the dinner packages. If you just pick 2 shows, the kids in our family at that age would’ve liked HEA and Fantasmic! the most.

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