Night before cruise hotel

I cant decide to stay at Pop century the night before the cruise or to stay at the country inn & suites in port Canaveral. I know pop is further away for the morning drive but we are used to driving since we aren’t really city people. I keep reading horrible reviews for all the hotels by the port so I think staying at pop will put my mind at ease since we can have clean rooms and allergy friendly place to eat maybe a late night snack and dinner. Any suggestions to put my mind at ease. not sure what time we will be in the night before since flights wont be out for awhile and the cruise isn’t til 2019. We already have a hotel booked for after the cruise right on the beach–beach place guest house is what I think its called. I do want to be at the port kinda early since its our first cruise and I wont be able to contain myself or wait even though I know the perfect time is closer to noon.

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We’ve done several cruises (mostly non-Disney) out of Port Canaveral, after flying in to Orlando the day (or two) before. We’ve done it different ways, but have never stayed near the port. We’re too used to staying in the Orlando area or at WDW. It all depends on what time of day your flight arrives, and how much you need to set foot in WDW. Add to that whether you will rent a car for that one night as a one-way rental to drop near the port, or just use free shuttles to your Orlando (or WDW) hotel then a cheap shuttle (such as Cortrans) from MCO to ship.

I admit, I like to fly in early, take DME to WDW hotel, do non-park things like riding monorail, resort hopping, going to DS. The next day we take DME back to MCO (tell them a flight number for the timing you want), then a cheap shuttle to the ship.

Lots of ways to play it, depending on make-up of your group.

Yes I forgot to note that we will rent a car the whole trip and park at the port. There’s 5 in my fam and 8 total so Disney transfers would be very pricey. Renting through Costco is cheaper when split 3 ways. the Disney area has so much compared to the port or airport and cheaper hotels I think. I can put one child with my mom so pop works. Thanks.

You have a lot more people than my usual two, so your plan makes sense. Have fun!

I recommend for their discussion boards, which can focus on specific cruise lines, homeports, destinations, and a whole lot more.

yeah for two people I would def use Disney transport but 5 or more is way too expensive. I will check out cruise critic for more info on maybe where to stay or something.

The Country Inn and Suites was always one of the better hotels at port. Last Sept they were hit hard in the hurricane and were actually closed for quite awhile for renovations. They reopened on Feb 1st. It might be worth a call to see just how much of an overhaul they got. Perhaps, from an allergy standpoint, staying there might be a better option if everything had to be replaced.

Thanks I will check it out now.