Night at Disney Springs

We’re planning to do an evening at Disney Springs this trip! Haven’t been since 2001 when it was Downtown Disney. We have reservations at the Boathouse for dinner. What else should we be sure to do? Where can we get a pre (or post) dinner drink? We’ll have kids with us, so I assume we can get a drink to sip & stroll…but set me straight if I’m wrong.


I am planning to finally try the famous Gideon’s cookies!


It has changed A LOT, plan some extra time to walk and look around since it’s increased in size… by 4x??? … :wink:

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I think that’s where you can get the blue drink with the cute duck :duck:. Exciting!


I’m waiting for somebody on here to do this amphicar tour thing and tell me about it:

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Yes. The Duck Duck Razz!!


This is what is intimidating me!

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It feels like I am the only one here who hasn’t tried it yet. Sadly it won’t be anytime soon for me.

oh, don’t let it intimidate you… I find it a bit confusing. I think making a plan will help and then maybe a second trip if there’s more you want to do.

No Boathouse on your upcoming trip?

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No…… :cry:

… which is an excuse to go back to WDW next year!!!

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:sob: :sob: :sob:

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My parents and teenage kids did it last summer. It was kind of a bucket list item for my mom. They loved it! You get a discount if you eat at the Boathouse.


For walkabout drinks there’s a marg hut near World of Disney and I would love to investigate the drinks to go window at Homecomin

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How old are the kids? I think of DS as mostly a shopping and eating/drinking place, with only a few things to do such as bowling, movies, amphicar, and balloon rides.

Great pictures!! It’s on my bucket list now too!! Did they have any trouble getting to ride or is walk up pretty easy to do? Doesn’t look like they take reservations.

We were there around the middle of July. They were able to easily get a reservation, but I think we had to hang out for about an hour before their turn. It was a beautiful evening, so that wasn’t a big deal.

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Depending on how busy it is (and how much your kids like Lego) apparently the Build a Minifig thing at the Lego store takes walk-ups, that might be fun.

We have done the amphicar tour. It was fun but honestly the take off from the dock was the best part. The rest of it was just a slow boat tour around DS.