NFL viewing advice needed

Hubby says he really wants to watch the NFL this Sunday. ESPN has no ADRs available as of today so I’m reluctant to go all the way over there if we might not be able to get in. I can keep checking for cancellations. We could walk to Splitsville from SSR. Will they have many games on their TV’s, not just the nationally televised ones? We’re interested in Colts vs Falcons. Would prefer just to use the bar and not get an ADR.

Maybe check into Shula’s at the dolphin. If you can’t watch NFL at Shula’s lounge, something is wrong. Of course if you have kids with you that probably isn’t an option, I’m not sure they would be allowed in the bar area.

No kids with us. I’m sure many bars/lounges will be showing the nationally televised games, but ours isn’t that, so we need a place that has a lot of different games. Do you think Shula’s would be that kind of place? I’m picturing a small restaurant bar area, but I’ve never been there.

Try using the reservation finder here on touring plans to get a table at the ESPN club on the boardwalk. That is probably your best bet.

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No idea. I’ve eaten at Shula’s but never stopped in the lounge. If you called I’m sure they’d tell you if they have NFL Red Zone or whatever package is needed for getting other games. I just looked it up online and the lounge surprisingly only shows one small TV in the picture but the bar area in the restaurant looks like it has several, so that might be a better chance.

Sorry, I’m not much help, but that is the only one other than ESPN that I could think of that might have more than just what’s nationally televised.

We are doing Splittesville in November so my DH can watch his beloved Virginia Tech Hokies. Was hoping the new “City Works and Pour House” was going to be open by then, but apparently not.

I thought I read where ESPN did not take ressies on weekends unless you did the thing where minimum food and drink required. I could easily be wrong.

ETA. yep I’m wrong


Monday through Friday
Reservations are available from 12:00 PM (noon) through 11:00 PM.

Sunday and Saturday
Reservations are available from 11:00 AM through 11:00 PM.

Call (407) WDW-DINE or (407) 939-3463, or use the Check Availability tool to search for available dates and times for lunch and dinner. Guests under 18 years of age must have parent or guardian permission to call.

I had this issue on my last trip as I have a die hard Colts fan in my family. We ended up at the AK Rainforest Cafe to watch the game as we were in AK that day and it was the CBS game for the Orlando area that week. The Colts v Falcons is not the CBS game for the Orlando area. Most the places on property will not be able to get the game. The only places on property that I was able to find that have Direct TV Sunday Ticket on property is Splitsville and ESPN Zone.

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Very helpful info. Thanks a lot. We’ll probably just walk over to Splitsville and hope for the best.

@pkitt You can walk in to ESPN club. They often do not take reservations. They will ask which team you plan to cheer for and seat you with other fans. Husband has watched two games there with no reservation and no problem. He loves the experience there. Lots of big TVs.

Here’s TP’s article about this week’s NFL / Disney schedule

Thanks @darkmite2 I was pretty sure we are going to need to hit ESPN or Splitsville if we want to watch our game. Like I said, I’m not sure if we want to try ESPN or not without an ADR. It’s possible I could get a last minute ADR or that I won’t even need one, but I hate to get all the way over there and not be able to get in. I can’t imagine Splitsville will be crowded, but I have never been for NFL watching.

If you’re either a Colts or Falcons fan why waste your time? Both teams stink.

I can say the Shula’s 2 we have locally always carries Red Zone and has all the games on. I presume Shula’s would be similar, but I do think Shula’s 2 is the more sports bar of the pair…

was worrying about this too but the GBP play on the thurs before we leave - wont miss a game :slight_smile: