Next year - when can I start planning and booking?

When will Disney be announcing next year’s pricing and shows? DH was adamant that this was going to be our last WDW trip, but we have a DCL cruise booked for next year (our “last one”). Yesterday, DH, out of the blue, said if there was a way to fit in an extra day for one last park, I should do it. So I’m doing a little happy dance inside, all the while anxiously waiting for pricing and plans to be released before he changes his mind.

I was thinking of doing an after hours thing, but I don’t know which days, if any there will be parties. We’re going at spring break, mid-March. I have to decide if I’m booking air fare or not pretty quick, as the pricing for Air Canada is coming out this week.

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And if you fit in an extra day, why not two? And if two, why not four? :wink:

Well, I’ve been watching the DAH thing. They still haven’t opened up dates beyond early April, and I doubt they plan to. It might very well be that they don’t plan to until the late fall/winter again…or perhaps not at all.

BUT, if they do, mid-March is the time period they still had DAH dates this year. So maybe you’ll luck out.

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You can book 500 days in advance, but your pricing will not be locked in. You can start planning any time, but with Park Hours, Hard Ticket Event dates, Extra Magic dates/times and numerous other factors not being announced it’s a rough approximation.

If you know the cruise date, why not create a plan for a day or 2 before, and a day or 2 after? Book them as cancellable, then when you get closer and know more choose.

Or keep both!

Well, that’s what I want to do, but I’d rather go in with a plan than just a hope as I have to think about booking airfare if we do this.