Next CL Update for June/July 2019?

@fred Do you have a target date for the next CL update for June/July 2019? We are looking at the week preceding the 4th of July, and wondering if you currently know of anything that would significantly change the predicted lower crowd levels for June 28 - July 2? Why so low? Thanks!

I have the same question. We went to WDW July 25 to July 6 last year, and the crowd levels increased a lot when I checked the TP website about a week before our trip, compared to when I created the plans a few month before. We are going again in late June and early July this year and I’m worried that the same thing might happen again.

The only explanation I can think of is that some people may be delaying their trips to WDW for the fall or winter, so they can go to the new Star Wars land in HS.