Next April room availability

I was on the WDW website today. We are toying with either a DCL or WDW vacation, but it won’t let me look at room rates past Dec 31. Anyone else seeing this? I always thought you could look at hotel room rates up to 11-12 months out.

On a totally side note, has anyone heard a rumor that Disney is opening a park near Austin, TX? Someone told me that at dinner the other night. I didn’t disagree with them, but I find it very far fetched that they would open another new park in the U.S.

You can book a room 499 days out. But you have to call to book.

The package prices only come out in June for the following year. Once they’re out, you’ll be able to book online, including a room-only.

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2020 rates will come out in a couple of weeks. You can call to find out room-only pricing now and book a room-only reservation. But packages can’t be booked for a couple of weeks yet.

It does sound far-fetched but one can only hope. Being a life long CA resident, I would love to have another Disney park halfway to Florida. And I love Texas!

Man, I remember hearing that rumour back in 2001. Maybe they own some land out that way?