News: Advanced Dining Reservations starting to re-open to some WDW guests on June 30th, Also some extra experiences as well

OMG! I just go an email from Disney about ADR’s.

Still waiting on the email about my July 28th YC reservation.

Pray for me, I’m going start calling, yet again.


I also received the email. But I’m confused. Because I already had booked our replacement reservations a couple weeks ago. So did my son.

I suppose it is simply another case of sending out emails en masse without regard to actual details of any given party. But I’m wondering why they aren’t making it clear that Disney Springs locations may already be booked on-line at 60 days out, and for Walt Disney World RESORT DINING locations, you have to call.

If I have to call back tomorrow I’m going to lose my sanity! I’m currently on hold with DVC member services for a silly issue that I shouldn’t need to call them for. :woman_facepalming: And, why are they only giving us one day’s notice?!? I’ve been too non-committal towards this trip to even consider reworking dining plans. :laughing:



I got through after only dialing seven times and I was on hold for less than 30 seconds before talking to a CM. All told, took less than 20 minutes.

I got moved from a standard room at the YC to a studio at the BC.


I’ve had my dining ressies ready to go at a moment’s notice for the last few days.

But yeah, the idea of calling agaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin hurts


So. Painful.

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ugh I guess I’ll check tomorrow to see what happens but I may just wing it in the parks and stick to my DS reservations for dinner


We are finding that our plans are way more loose than they were :wink:

A couple of our restaurants aren’t opening, and rather than shoehorn something in in their place we are going to go with the flow.


that’s kind of how i’m feeling. especially with the whole no fastpass thing. I honestly have no idea what to expect of lines or where exactly i’ll be when I get hungry

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Yeesh, what’s that like??? :stuck_out_tongue:


No idea but I’m about to find out :wink:

Maybe I can get a crash course one day while I’m there :smiley:


Good luck. I hear finding a master to teach you how to do it is near impossible. They’re always on the move.

And they closed Turtle Talk, so Crush is right out. :frowning:

(upshot: I don’t think the DVC lines are as swamped as the normal Disney resort lines, so DVC peeps should have a slightly better time making their reservations?)



You lost me, bro.

Isn’t that the turtle’s name? Crush. A master of “going with the flow”…specifically the current?

…so you can’t ask him at Turtle Talk.


Update: Some extra experiences can be re-booked starting tomorrow as well

Eligible Guests with Experience Reservations Cancelled During the Closure

If you had an experience reservation on or before September 2, 2020 that was cancelled as of May 28 due to the temporary closure of Walt Disney World Resort, you’ll have the opportunity to make a new experience reservation beginning on June 30 up to 60 days in advance of your arrival.

Beginning June 30 , eligible Guests with experience reservations previously cancelled due to the closure can call (407) 939-6690 to make reservations for available offerings. Eligible Disney Vacation Club Members can call Member Services at (800) 800-9800 for reservations.

During this initial window, Guests can check availability for the following experiences:

Magic Kingdom Park:

Disney’s Hollywood Studios:

Walt Disney World Resort Hotels:


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I missed the leap from Crush to going with the flow.

…you’re doomed. :rofl:

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Suppose so :woman_shrugging:

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I got my email too. Definitely says I can make reservations on Do you think the reservations will open at 12AM or 7AM EST?

Dude has the right 'tude about the entire re-opening process.