Newbie TP Question

Hello! I am planning my family’s first trip for the end of June 2020. My question with building a touring plan is whether or not you typically plan/assume that you will get more FP’s once your initial three are used up? I realize that grabbing certain FP’s may not be likely but I’ve sort of planned an afternoon in one area where we could grab more FP’s for multiple rides. The crowd levels when we are going are around 6-7 so the SB wait times are pretty long and I know we won’t wait that long. Do you just assume the long wait times or put in your TP that you have another FP? (I also know that I’m planning way far out and things will change before then but it’s been more helpful for me to study the maps and know the rides more than anything)

Also, my ADR date for our trip in June is…December 25th. Yep, so I will be getting up extra early on Christmas morning to make our reservations. Let’s be honest though, I’m secretly pretty excited about it! Do you think I will have any trouble with reservations that morning? I’m assuming the online reservations will open up just like any normal day.

As a newbie I love this forum and reading all of the helpful tips and trip reports! Thank you all!


Congratulations on your first trip! For me, I only put the first 3 FP into my touring plan. I know I will likely get at least a couple more FP, but having the full wait times in your TP adds a nice buffer. I don’t list bathroom breaks or any other breaks besides meals, so this extra buffer helps me nicely.


I agree with almost everything said above, except no breaks! There’s no such thing as a perfect plan! Someone is going to need to pee unexpectedly or want to stop and get a Mickey Bar or see something shiny!

I recommend not adding in the extra FPP, but giving yourself at least a 10 min break every 90 minutes… (I go with 15 - 20. I like having extra time and not needing it. Makes the day less rushed. Plus my DD17 likes to stop and shop!)

You should be ok with ADRs on Christmas… The only days that seem to be an issue are Tuesday when they do site maintenance. However 12/25/19 is a Wednesday.

Yes the forum is pretty neat. As @lindsayvrsmith says include you first 3 FP in your plan. If when in park you change the time on those FP (by looking on line for better times) or you grab on the day FP once you first 3 are done you can reoptimize your plan. I did have trouble with Lines on android on my last 2 visits 2015 and 2017 but those bugs have now been ironed out. If you have Lines on you smart phone you can optimize your plan to account for your new FP. Also use optimize if you decide to do something off plan during the day. Do not forget to put breaks and meal stops into your plan. TP is a great way to ensure you get the best experience out of you visit to the magic that is WDW.

For our trip next year, September (3 weeks) we have a free DDP so have a whole raft of ADR’s to make in March :grinning: it certainly helps using a TP when you have ADRs to work around.

Be careful though. If you hit Optimize and not Evaluate TP will rearrange the steps of your plan to “optimize” the shortest queue waits. However that may mean crisscrossing the entire park.

I don’t use the App anymore. It’s a battery drain. I prefer to print out my plans and Check MDE App for queue waits. (knowing that the queue times on MDE are always about 10 - 15 minutes shorter than advertised)

I agree with the prior posts. I create a TP with only my pre-scheduled 3 FP+. Any FP I get same day is a bonus, not something I plan on.

What rides are you hoping to get Same Day FPs for? Some are much easier than others. For example, there is a good chance you will be able to find Same Day FPs for Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh, Magic Carpets, Tea Cups and Small World, but a much lower chance you will find any of the Mountain rides (and 7DMT will be near impossible).

Yes, you need to practice using the app before using in the parks. I also print the my plans out, primarily as I like to have a back up in case my tech goes down.


I had a basic TP with just my three pre-planned FPs. Then I copied that plan and played with it, seeing what would happen with various additional FPs. I then put the information I gleaned from playing around back in my original TP.

so, for example, for my Epcot TP, I had a plan with my original fps (TT, SE, and LWtL in that order). I knew if possible I wanted to move up LWtL after SE, so I put that as a note in my plan. I knew I wanted to do Soarin’ after LWtL, so I had it in my plan without a fast pass, but in a note I put what time I’d be done Soarin’ if I got a fast pass at just the right time. That way I knew when I might be heading to lunch (next step) if I got lucky and got the FP I wanted. Does that make sense?

Yes. Anything is possible, but if you do get a same day FP for Soarin’ I suspect it will be later in the day rather than around lunch time.

Thanks for the tips! Sounds like I don’t want to plan for the extra FPs in my TP.