Newbie seeking advice for WDW touring

Howdy! DH and I are taking the kiddos (3 and 8) to the world from Nov 15-23. I have been before (though years and years ago) but this is a first time for DH and the kids. I am finding the whole process overwhelming. We have 8 day park hoppers and are staying at POP with DDP. At the time of making my ADRs 180 ago, I had us vising the parks as such:
11/15: DS 6:30 T rex ressies, Epcot at night (CL4)
11/16: AK-5:30 RFC ressies (CL3)
11/17: MK 11:15 CM, 4:30 1900 (CL2)
11/18: EP 8 AM Akerhaus (CL4)
11/19: HS 11 HV, 5:30 Sci fi (CL 6)
11/20: HS11:15 50’;s (CL9)
11/21: AK: 9:10 TH (CL 9)
11/22: MK 8 AM BBB, 11:30 BOG, 5:30 WC (CL10)

I was ok with this plan until CL and park hours were updated. Now 11/17 MK is closing at 4:30 which means a pretty short park day. and 11/22 is a 10/10 CL. I am considering pushing up my second MK day earlier in the week when the crowds are better. We would likely still have to keep our 8 AM BBB appointment but would hop someplace else if need be. Thoughts? I am so confused at this point.

I went around the same time last year accept we were 8-18th (before Thanksgiving). It was busier than Touring Plans predicted. I think you did a good job planning the days. Remember a good touring plan is more important than the crowds.

A major issue with switching now is your FP. I don’t know what you have but the selection would be a lot less now.

If you Rope Drop that short MK day and just do quick service you might actually like it. I like it. You will get more done on other non-party days when the crowds are very busy. Stay the whole day for sure. You miss out on the fireworks but you can see them on the 22nd. Rope Drop will be your friend from the 20-22.

I would consider dropping the 5:30 reservation at AK and hop to MK on the 16th. You can go to a Rainforest Cafe anywhere in the U.S. another day. Besides you can get a similar effect at that one QS restaurant near the middle of AK. It is pretty good. You can get a good chunk of AK done by about 4:00 that day and finish up on the 21st. I bet that MK will be busier than 6/10 though but still better than the 22nd. Fireworks will be more enjoyable. I agree that you need to consider how to use that Hopper more.

Not sure I like TH at 9:10am when that is prime touring on a busy day. New times typically open up the day before.

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