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I check into Beaches Villas tomorrow. touring plans sent WDW my room request. I am just wondering how many people actually got the room they requested? TIA

I believe most do, and with apparent low crowds now, your chances are good. If you don’t get the one you want, or close enough, ask at the front desk, they may have a little pixie dust available.

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It has been a number of years, but we have generally received what we asked for or close to it, although we did not go at the busiest times. One time, we got off the Magical Express and I waited for our bags while my wife took the kids and stood off to the side. A CM approached her, pulled up our reservation, said that they had the room we requested all ready for us, and whisked us to the front desk. My wife felt like royalty.


Here’s a whole thread on this topic you can check out. :wink:

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I have yet to get the exact room I have requested via UOG room request. That’s not to say it wasn’t close but I have had to ask the front desk for a better room than what we received. Disney house keeping will bend over backwards to meet your expectations but sometimes I wonder if they even read these requests

Do you just request just one specific room? I include a list of about 3-4 rooms that look good and I’ve gotten ones from the list both times we tried it (January 2020 and August 2021).

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OP said they were staying at the Beach Club Villas though. The DVC resorts are at full capacity, so there’s usually little room for moving people.

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If your using a TA, does it make a difference if she does or we do it ourselves through TP?

I’ve had mixed bag with Yacht Club being the resort where I have never gotten even close to my request and Gran Destino Tower at Coronado being the resort where I’ve gotten my exact room each time.

Actually, No. Usually the room I request has somewhat of a view but nothing that warrants a upgrade. You have the right idea though. I figure we have done this request thing at least a dozen times and maybe got the room request once. Most often though the room we get is similar in view and location. Twice we have had to go to the desk and ask to change the room because it is NOT even close to what was requested. Do they read all the requests? I doubt it. On the other hand on requesting a room change they have always done their best. I have never gotten a upgrade either or a card left in the room for a future discount. We usually stay for two weeks so go figure.