Newbie Memory Maker "magic" photo question?

I have never done the Memory Maker thing before, but this is a special trip, so I have splurged. I keep hearing about special “magic” photos. Please tell me which photo locations we should not miss to get the best magic. Thank you

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I can’t think of any that I would say you can’t miss, we just always ask if they have any magic shots after they take a couple regular photos. They’re available all over the place.

Look here for link to Magic Shot Facebook page:

I diligently looked at the page and noted which Magic Shots I wanted for our trip last month. I have to admit we didn’t get as many Magic Shots as I wanted. We needed to prioritize what we were going to do when we were there. However, every time we had time to stop for pictures, we asked for Magic Shots. We got some cute ones.

I wanted one in Toy Story Land where a green army dude parachutes down while you watch. We asked a photographer in Toy Story Land for that shot. She said it was done once a day for 15 minutes around noon. Really?!? That just didn’t work into our touring.

I also wanted these passport looking photos in each country in World Showcase. We only found such a photographer in one country over two days.

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Just outside the Haunted Mansion they will add some ghosts hitch hiking. You can also make a “scared” look and they can do something for that too.

Also, on Main Street, if you have little ones, they can cup their hands and they can put Tinkerbell in their hands.

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Thanks, the albums of current offerings on the Facebook page were very helpful.

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