Newbie Issue with TP Epcot EMH

I am having a heck of a time with my TP for EMH Epcot. First, it won’t show me anything until an hour and a half after open. The optimized plan uses no FP all day. It has me doing all the major rides right at closing. I’m so confused.

Can you post a link? You need to publish it and it gives you an url to share within the plan itself.

Also, check all your times are correct, and make sure you’ve got enough in there to fill your day.

I figured out how to publish! Phew

I can’t view it. If you’ve published it, there is a different url at the top of the plan. That’s the one you need to post. Let me see if I’ve still got my old ones and I’ll screenshot it.

I mean, I work in tech…like for a living. Oy
Sorry bout that!
Here we go:

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I’ve only had a quick look, because I’m in the UK and it’s bedtime. I’m confused why you have 2 tier 1 FPs (FEA and Soarin) and I wonder if that is throwing something off. I’d get rid of one of those, go to advanced options and click the ‘force plan to use FPs’ box and reoptimise to see what happens.

I’ll look in the morning and see if you’re still stuck.

I think you need to also Edit your plan to change the start time to 8:00 a.m., not just tell it you are using EMH. There is also an Advance Option in the FPP section where you can tell it the number of FPP to use and to force it to make use of them.

I see that the plan still has you doing Test Track after park closing - e-mail about that one.

Ok thanks all. I think I “fixed” the bulk of the issue thanks to the comments here. Yes, TT is still after park close so that’s curious.
I mean, is this close enough to fly with?
I sorta feel like we will primarily be using the plan prior to lunch to do as much stuff as possible and then somewhat leisurely do WS tracking the time to make sure we are making it around at a reasonable pace.
Is that a terrible plan to have?
If I do that, can I edit my park times and then just ask it to optimize the rides we want to do and then see what it suggests? Has anyone done that? How did it work out?

I do so wish this thing could handle just slotting in priority activities you choose and then suggest stuff with reasonable waits close by or something. Sort of like Exploiting/optimizing for the things on your MUST DO list and then Exploring for suggested “fillers” so to speak.


Epcot is really big, things are spread apart. You have a lot of crisscrossing and backtracking. I, personally, would try to do some of the Living Seas things together, such as The Seas with Nemo (as a way to enter the pavilion) then Turtle Talk. Do Spaceship Earth then Project Tomorrow, since the ride exits into Project Tomorrow.

You have a lot of the WS entertainment listed, but it’s tough to catch them due to their assorted times. You may want to just catch a part of them as you pass by their area. You don’t have any mention of time to actually explore a country (step in to see architecture, exhibits, shops).

What’s the make-up of your group? Will they be able to handle all the extra walking your plan has?

Those are great points. I might need to just take out the shows or put in “stops” and see what it does with it.
It’s me, DH, and DD9 and we all walk a lot and fast - we are city dwellers without a car and easily put several miles on our shoes a day. DD9 is also very high energy and thrill seeking so our struggle will be more about getting her not to run from place to place.