Newbie error with Magical Express

This is the first time that I’ll be using the Magical Express. My travel agent signed me up with our flight information at the time. Since then, Delta changed our flight times on us and the number of the return flight. (It turns out that the original return flight number was eliminated.) We didn’t know enough to pass that info on to our travel agent to pass on to Disney, so there was some kind of error that prevented the special luggage tags from being sent.

Just posting in case another newbie ends up in a similar situation with flight info changing. Don’t forget to get that info to Disney so that you get your luggage tags!

On the bright side, we can still give the Magical Express check in folks our airline baggage claim tags and they will collect and deliver any checked bags for us. It does mean one more step for us and more work / chances for error for the DME folks, but all is not lost :slight_smile:

I am sure you will have a magical trip! You are still flying in to MCO on the same day? The magical express tags only say what resort you are going to and your name. The information delivered to you room to go home on magical express is flight dependent.

I have had my TA not add my address for the magical express tags. In that case they were sent to her office and not my house.


@PrincipalTinker, thanks! I am really looking forward to our trip. This is just a minor glitch.

Yes, but because of the incorrect flight info (the return flight number didn’t exist) Disney never sent the luggage tags out. Oh well.