Newbie Dining Plan question

I know this has been discussed, but I cannot find the answer.

If we are on the Dining Plan could we use a table service credit at a counter service location? Or do we have to use all Table Service Credits at Table Service Restaurants?

We got the free Quick service offer for Feb 2017 and so it seems to be cheaper to upgrade to the Dining Plan than to pay the three table services we plan OOP and use the other credits on counter services.

Is Fantasmic Dinner Package at Hollywood & Vine one or two credits?

The Fantasmic! Dinner Package is only 1 TS credit at all but the Hollywood Brown Derby.

yes you can use a ts Credit for cs.

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Do note that you’re losing around half the value of a TS credit by spending it on CS. I could certainly see doing it for 1 meal based on timing, but if you’re planning on doing it more than once, I’d look to add an ADR somewhere nice to get better value out of the plan.

I’ve also found that TS ADRs are nice breaks to relax, rest a little and enjoy a good meal while CS often feels like a “hurry up and eat so we can get on the next ride” experience. Plus the long lines, finding a seat etc. just don’t lend itself to relaxation as much. We use ADRs to avoid burning out basically. Just something to consider…

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Thanks for your answer… Relaxation is a point I thought about. What is the time slot I can show up at a restaurant when I have a, let’s say, 6 pm dinner reservation?

I’m not positive on the “official rules” - I’d say you could show up roughly 5:45 to 6:30 and still get a table. If late, you might have a longer wait though and if you’re skewing into the times when more people eat, the wait will be longer. I have been later than that for ADRs due to flight/hotel issues and was able to call (or had my resort call in one case) and still get in, but I was also skewing from a 1:00 to 3:00 which is going to be a less busy time for the restaurant. I don’t know if we would have had any joy going from 4 to 6 for example.

Showing up early is more likely to work - if you’re at the restaurant early, it can’t hurt to ask “We have a 6PM ADR, but were wondering if you could seat us now?” They might be able to and if not could tell you when to return if anything early is possible…

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Is a Fantasmic Dinner package not prepaid anymore? I booked it yesterday at Hollywood & Vine and my CC wasn’t charged.

No they are not prepaid.

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