Newbie at USO, help!

Endless summer

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Early entry is great. Look at whatever is open for early entry. If any non-HP rides are open, do them first on your way to HP which is in the back of both parks. Stay in the HP area until the crowds arrive, then go into the non-HP area of the park, which won’t be as crowded. Wait until mid-to-late afternoon to go back into HP when the crowds die down. Don’t plan on beating the crowds in the non-EA park using the train. The first train arrives arrives after the rope drop crowds. Ride Hagrid’s early in your trip because you are going to want to ride often.


Good info! Thanks

Plan to board the bus from Endless Summer to the parks early. This resort is the newest, and it is a great option, but it’s also the farthest from the parks. (You have to cross the Interstate to get from Endless Summer to the parks.) Depending on what day(s) you’re going, there are other options for touring strategies at USO (Express Passes). Also, the type of ticket you purchase (park-to-park, single park, annual pass, etc.) can make a difference in touring strategies. I’m a USO Travel Specialist and would be happy to answer any questions you have.

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We stayed there in August. The bus service was great. But I definitely agree that to be there early enough, allow plenty of time. Not just for the waiting for the bus and the bus ride itself, but the walk through Citywalk takes a bit of time as well.


Thanks. I did realize it is farther away but the price was right for a family of 5 :wink: do you know jow early the buses to the parks ru in the morning?

Where do the buses drop you off at and how long of a walk do you think to get from the buses tk the entrances?

The buses drop you off at the bottom of an escalator leading you directly up to security. (The same security that those coming from the parking garages go through.) From there, is the normal trek…but still a good 10-15 minutes to the actual gate of either of the parks.


Good to know!

I’ve written some articles on the TP Blog that could help you out. I’m also using this post as inspiration for a new post.


These are awesome! Thanks! I have been all disney all the time for so long but now the kids are getting bigger and want to expand. I felt like a fish out of water trying to plan a USO trip. This helps

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New series is up, thanks for the inspiration.


wing it??? you want me to wing it??? what is this madness? :rofl:


Super Awesome!

Not in my DNA. Dont think I am physicaly capable of this “wing it” phenomenom. I am 100% a planner :wink: maybe in another life :laughing:

Yeah I get it, the article was written as a sort of compare/contrast with Disney’s “book dining 180 days in advance” mentality.

I didn’t plan for my first trip with kids to WDW and then realized there was a better way (actually day 1 had no plans- by day 2 we had plans!) . My first trip to Universal is in 14 days and the lack of planning just feels weird. Of course everything this year is weird.

Yeah, a lot of things can be choices day of or hours before, not weeks or months ahead of time.

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New Newbie article, this time a more in-depth look at the hotels and some suggestions!


On it! :wink: :grin: