Newbie app Qs

I’m so overwhelmed.

  1. When I choose a premade plan, I don’t see all the wait times/walk times/etc

  2. How do I add a break/PPO on a personalized plan?

  3. Is there a good place to start for a 101 on how to use the Lines app? Specifically for navigating the plans portion?

You should be using the web version to make you plans. Everything should be aportan there. There are buttons to add in meals and breaks.

@brklinck, do you know of some blog posts or forum posts that will help?

You need to choose a day and then choose Optimize to get wait times, etc. it’s highly preferable to finally that in a browser at first not in the app.

Touringplans also has a YouTube page. I found this to be helpful when learning how to make plans.