New Years Week Crowds

We are going to WDW Jan 2-9, the crowd levels for Jan 2 & 3 have increased to a level 10 for all four parks. Can anyone give me advice for what parks are the best to go to when the crowd levels are 10?

There is no “best” when all of the crowd levels are 10s. Lines will be horrible, no matter which park you go to; a solid TP will male the best of a bad situation. EP will “feel” the least crowded because it’s so big - but the lines for the headliners will be long. MK will be claustrophobic; AK and DHS slightly less so (but with no Streets of America or LMA to suck up crowds in DHS this year, it might be as bad as MK).

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Oops Sorry! I didn’t realize I did that, I will try to move it or repost, thanks for letting me know!

In 2012 (which had the same New Years Sunday), the historical crowd calendar shows crowd levels of 4, 6, 6, 6, 6, 5, 4 for January 1st through the 7th. What is different about 2017 that is causing the predictions for those days to be different?

How fondly I remember WDW in 2012… The simple answer is that so many more people are going to WDW in 2015 as compared to 2012, the CLs are higher and the lines are longer.

2011 was a great year as well. We went twice that year, had no real plans and it was wonderfully uncrowded. I would love a return to that!