New Year's Eve suggestions needed, please

So excited to finally have a new trip planned! We’ll be at WDE from Dec. 25- Jan. 5 and I’m unsure what to plan for New Year’s Eve. I’ll be traveling with my mom who is close to 80, my sister who is in her late 40’s, and our teenage daughters 13 and 16 (I’m 50+). Other than me and my daughter none of my traveling party has ever been to Disney World before. It’s a 3 generation moms and daughters trip and I’m so excited to finally have a Disney trip to look forward to! Please offer your suggestions.

We traveled there with 3 generations a couple of weeks ago. I ordered a scooter to be delivered to the resort at the last minute for my mother, and she loved it. We did things in groups as well as went out in smaller groups and on our own. Loved every minute of it.

When we were there for NYE a couple of years ago, the adults stayed back at the Poly while the teens didn’t the evening in MK.

A couple of weeks ago, when we ate at QS, we would have lunch at 10 or 10:30 whoever the restaurants opened, and had the place to ourselves. (Mobile ordered ahead of time while in morning lines.)

We toured mornings & evenings.

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