New Years Eve Fun for Teens

Is there a schedule of all of the New Year’s Eve activities at Disney, especially those for the under 21 crowd? All I’ve been able to find are the adult all-inclusive formal parties. That’s not an option for us since we’re traveling with teens. Trying to decide which park would be best for that day/night. I heard that parks sometimes reach capacity on NYE and close early. Anyone have any experience or suggestions about this?

We are going for New Years Eve as well, and are planning Epcot for the evening after a morning at HS. I have almost 16 and almost 18 year olds. There didn’t seem to be much outside of the parks that was of interest for their ages- they were either too young or too old so we decided a park was best. Epcot holds crowds better than MK and we are staying at the Swan so needed to be in EP or HS to avoid the horrible transportation issues that will happen that night. HS would probably be my second choice of park that night. We are going to MK on Monday since they have the New Years fireworks that night as well. I don’t think Epcot will close, it can hold so many people. MK would be more likely to close. though I don’t think it has on New Years in many years (ever?). Where are you staying? That might play a part in where you choose to go.

Thanks for the insight. We’re staying at Pop so Epcot or HS might be easier for us as well. I like the idea of doing the MK fireworks on 12/30 to avoid the crowds.

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