New years eve epcot

we plan to spend new years eve in epcot. what would be the best time to come and also spend time enjoying the celebrations?
which location would be the best to spend time to see the fireworks and countdown?

On a “normal” night, my favorite spot to watch IllumiNations is somewhere between Mexico and China. I’ve never been on NYE, but here is what I’ve learned after 5 years a Liner…

  1. RD is not much different than other crowded days.
  2. WS is more crowded than usual all day, and by dinner time, it’s packed. It gets even worse as the evening continues.
  3. There are DJ dance areas throughout EP. Here’s a link with a bit more info
  4. There will be drinking. A LOT of drinking. It will start by noon and progress through midnight. And all those things that go along with a large crowd of people who have been drinking will be present. I’m kind of a party guy myself, so this would not personally bother me, but many have said it is not a great environment for kids.

Hopefully some others with first-hand experience will weigh in…