New Year's Day hours

In looking at Disneyland’s calendar, I noticed there are no early magic hours listed for California Adventure. This is normal? Or do they announce this later? All the other days are listed.

I looked back at TouringPlans Historical Crowd Calendar and from what they have listed for each Jan 1 since 2007, there has only been one year (2009) where an Early Entry was offered (Disneyland Park), so it looks like that is quite normal. I did double check all the Jan 2nd’s as well to make sure they were recording Early Entry and sure enough, all the way back to 2010 Jan 2nd did have an Early Entry, even though Jan 1 did not.

Thanks so much for looking. I guess I could have done that, if I thought of it. :grin:

I’m kinda a nerd like that and actually enjoyed looking at it, so thank you for the chance for me to play Investigator! :grin: