New Years Day - am I completely crazy?

Staying at the Portofino on 31st December (so will have express unlimited passes) with family including three kids of 10,8 and 4. Hatching what might be an incredibly stupid plan and wanted to sanity check with the knowledgeable folks on here!

If we are prepared to get up early and make it in first thing as the early entry opens is it in any way possible to cover US in the morning, ride the Hogwarts over and cover IOA in the afternoon?

We would like to do the main potter bits but would be prepared to sacrifice Rip Ride, Dragon and Hulk attractons.
I have been perusing a couple of touring plans designed for that date and when I include the express unlimited pass all the waits drop to 0 or 1 minutes - surely this is unrealistic on such a busy day.

If we made other adjustments to our trip (which are far from optimal) we could also try the two universal parks in a day madness on 3rd January which looks significantly quieter. Will it make that much of a difference given our itinerary and express unlimited passes?


That does seem a little odd - is this the case for all of the attractions? Hopefully @Skubersky sees this and can give his expert opinion.

That is odd, express waits should be 15min or so but not Zero. Please email links to your plans to and cc