New Year’s Eve oops

So I didn’t think through my 12/31 park reservation, and we will enjoy the slightly smaller crowds at animal kingdom but not be in a park to celebrate the new year. Does anyone have a suggestion for how to salvage the new year countdown for my 11yr old?

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I too have a park reservation for AK on the 31st, so we will both be waving to each other through the reasonable Crowd Level 6 crowds. And I also have an 11 year old!

I hoped that Disney would pull a 2019 and have a DJ in the park and countdown on the Tree of Life. Since that hasn’t happened, here are a few thoughts:

  1. do you have a park hopper? If so you can hop to any of the parks at 2:00. That may be too late for MK, but shouldn’t be for Epcot. Or you can head over to HS. There are no fireworks but there has to be something right?

  2. Check with the resort. In the past some resorts have done a little celebrating. Enough for a countdown.

  3. try for a dinner reservation at a monorail resort and then stay and watch the fireworks. I timed mine wrong - we have a 6:50 at Citricos. We will be able to see the early fireworks before dinner, but I don’t know if we will be able to hang out long enough to watch the midnight fireworks from the beach.

  4. Try for a late dinner reservation at Boardwalk, Yacht/Beach Club or Swan and Dolphin and then watch fireworks from the Boardwalk.

Good luck! I hope you have a great trip. We can’t wait.


These are all great ideas!

Thanks, I have been trying to figure outnour own plans. Writing that out, I realized the chances of us going to Citricos and then catching a bus to HS for the countdown is highly optimistic. That was my plan after realizing AK will not be open.

I’m thinking of canceling my 11:30 Ogas and figuring out how to chill at GF for the evening. Of course trying to get a bus back to AKL afterwards is daunting.

You could move Citricos earlier maybe?

We chose AK on 31st too!

we have a 10 year old though :smiley:
we have park hopper but are not loving the idea of hopping into a super busy park.
So we have booked Trails end at Fort Wilderness campsites for 9pm nice relaxed dinner, a look at any remaining Christmas decorations and then watch fireworks from the beach there.

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Ooh, this is a lovely idea! I would totally do this of I didn’t have my heart set on Citricos for dinner. This would be DHs preferred plan (if he knew it was an option).

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No parks for us on 12/31, but we plan to do a tour of the monorail resorts that day and I’m searching for an ADR for dinner at any those resorts. Everything is booked, but I haven’t given up hope. We’re staying at Fort Wilderness, so hopefully there will be something going on there that we can enjoy as we count down. Happy New Year Liner friends!

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