New Year Eve Plan at HS

Feedback greatly appreciated, regarding NYE. Knowing I need to be prepared for crowds and park closing at capacity. Is it risky planning an Morning at HS and return for early evening at HS? Toy Story Mania in the Morning and Jedi Academy is a must do on the list for the AM. Since its impossible to keep going past midnight, I really want to plan leaving the park for an break before the evening Fantasticmic show and fireworks.

I was there at NYE last year, it is possible that you could do it at HS (Park hop), but I wouldn’t plan on it until you see the crowds that day. If you have to take a really log break or lunch, watch all the shows and rest, but I would never leave the park. The only park I could imagine leaving and coming back to is AK it was almost empty compared to the others, because there is no fire works.