New WIshes FP+ Viewing Location

I’m pretty sure the family in front of me had their stroller, so no restrictions that I know of right now (of course, this is all new, so they could change procedures later).

I visited last Sunday, March 8. Touring Plans predicted a crowd level of 7, but reported it was actually a 4 (

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Can you walk around this area during the day? Is the viewing area on both sides of the hub? I had heard there would be a “back exit” behind main street soon. (We exited once that way ourselves on a very busy night.[/quote]

Yes. The area is open to anyone during the day. People seem to be using it as a kind of college green, sitting out on the fake grass.

There is an identical viewing area on the opposite side of the street (in front of the Plaza Restaurant), but as I was entering the viewing area where I watched (in front of Casey’s Corner) I asked the Cast Members manning the tapstiles and they said that area wasn’t being used to FPP. I’m not sure what the plans are for it right now, but suspect at some point it’ll either be used for additional FPP viewing or private events.

I’ve seen backstage on both sides of Main Street used as park exits during very busy times. In that case, you’d be a short way from the path they’d send you out between Crystal Palace and Casey’s.

Here’s what the view of Celebrate the Magic looked like:

That’s what i was thinking. So are people just hanging out on that side for now? Because it’s not a FPP area?

Did those lamp post lights bother you? Could be a video small screen effect, but they seemed really bright.

I was surprised the lights were not dimmed more during Celebrate the Magic, but they bothered me less than my normal view, where I can’t see the bottom of the Castle, because there are so many heads in the way. The lights were turned off for Wishes, so not an issue there.

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Thanks for the info!

Thank you for posting the pictures and link to the video! I love this!