New Welcome Show at Magic Kingdom

Does anyone know if this will effect touring plans? I had the welcome show as my first step and stopping at guest relations for an assistive device second. I guess these can be switched or maybe the touring plan algorithm will change to reflect this.

Eww. I do not like this. So how does this affect my or rope drop ADRs??

It has its pros and cons I suppose.

Pros: Eat breakfast on Main Street rather than in front of the main entrance. Not necessarily having to stand in the sun while waiting.

Con: If I’m understanding it correctly, guests who have a pre-RD breakfast will no longer be able to enjoy a relatively empty main street and castle entrance.

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The stories all say: guests will be allowed to enter the Main Street, U.S.A. area of the park even earlier than the park’s scheduled opening time.

I am unclear if this will be 7:45 like pre RD ADRs or later? I will be interested in early reports.

Yep, that’s the big question right now. Does “opening Main Street early” mean 8:00? 8:30? If it’s 8:30, I’ll keep my pre-RD ADR. If it’s 8:00, then I’ll cancel it and go to Starbucks on Main Street.

does it make any difference if the pre-RD ADR is an 805 at BoG since it is back behind the castle as opposed to say a 805 at crystal palace or CRT? (Damn- and I thought I was so lucky snagging two 805 am ressies…) Guess we may have to wait until Jan 9 to really find out. bummer.

Hello! I am new to posting here and I am wondering how I can follow the responses to this post? Thanks for any info. This has me a little worried ; )

I think by just replying, you’re now following.

Regarding this change, I hope it’s just temporary while they refurb the railroad. I’d hate to think empty-park time is a thing of the past.

There would still be some semblance of empty park for the first few allowed onto Main Street USA, at whatever early hour that is. Curious how they’d handle this - maybe more like EP or HS where they hold everyone at the tapstiles until they let people in to the next roped off holding area, for the official RD? The big difference is how long the time interval will be between tapstile and the final RD, for the MK version (the big unknown).

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I have pre-rope drop ADR for BOG on 1/18. I too am wondering if it’s worth keeping. I would say that 75% of my reason for getting that is having a leg up on the stampede. Prior to this change, I could be comfortably in line for 7DMT by like 8:45 without a worry. Now I have to wonder what the new cut off time will be.
Hopefully they still let the ADR crowd in at like 7:30, and hold the rest back until at least 8:30.

I doubt that anyone will be allowed past the castle without an ADR. If I had to guess how this was going to play out, they’ll likely keep everyone in Main Street and the Court and that’ll be it and only the ADR folks can go farther. I would wager that all the lands and the castle entrance itself will be roped off.

So your early line up for 7DMT might not be impacted at all

I find it interesting to see that this is a return to the way it always used to be at the MK but most people see it as something “new”. This is the origin of the term “rope drop”; MS was filled and each land was closed off with a literal rope. RD was literally the dropping of the rope allowing entry to the rest of the park.

Other than the loss of an “empty” MS for pre-RD ADRs, I really don’t think it will affect TPs very much at all. If anything, you might be closer to your first ride than it was from the RR station.


First off, I like the fact that once again we can gather at the hub before rope drop. You will be closer to where you want to be for rope drop, it cuts down the distance we are all speed walking. Expect more cast members leading the crowds for longer time periods to control the stampede.

I understand that pre rope drop ressies may not be such a great thing now, as you do not get to see an empty main street anymore. Crystal Palace will not be a help anymore, as you will have the rope drop crowds to wade through now. Be Our Guest and Cinderella’s Royal Table will give a slight advantage.

I will say what has not been said as of yet. Disney has masterfully increased their sales yet again. Now Starbucks will see greater sales, as well as a few other food choices, and people may be able to shop before the park officially opens. I guess how much they make during this time period will determine if this is temporary or the new opening.

I expect the trolley and cars will not run until after rope drop so the street can empty out of people.

And @bswan26 is correct Disney used to do this. I remember this years ago.

Here’s another link: