New way to link in MDE

I don’t see this being talked about.

You can now link to someone and add them to your family and friends list in MDE by scanning a QR code. Has anyone tried it?


It was mentioned and discussed on WDW Chat yesterday- someone posted a Scott Gustin tweet.

Go to: WDW Planning Tools, then scroll down to WDW Chat.

And it will sure make it easier to link.

That question of linking often comes up.

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Thanks @Nicky_S . I did not see a thread about it and it makes it easier to find for people that check in and look for new threads.

And here is the Touring Plans Instagram story I just saw posted on Chat.

Definitely need to follow them if you’re not. Great info.

Have not read, but this would require both parties to be in the same room to do, right? Which, to my mind, is not easier. Most times I’m trying to link with people that are far far away.

Hoping there’s something in there that negates this criticism. I’ll try to read later.


There is a manual code that can be entered as well it looks like - appears below the QR code. So that would allow connecting “at a distance”. Hopeful for this!