New Uses Tutorials?


Only longtime members. When I joined the forum, the discobot PMed me with the new user tutorial.


Looking back at my inbox, it appears I got such a message when I joined. But the only indication that there was any kind of training was the note to click the Bookmark icon, which I had not done.

I mean, really. How was I supposed to know I could trust a robot? Maybe it is out to take over the world and destroy humankind! Maybe it was sent here (the past) from the future with a mission to kill…


Robots are Your Plastic Pal Who’s Fun To Be With.


Thanks, I have been on since the beginning and have tried to find the tutorials a few times, never could so just let it go, cuz, Badges, we don’t need no stinking badges.

But I really wanted those badges so , thanks.

ETA: I learned one new thing:

  • I already knew all this
  • I learned at least 1 thing

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OMG, it worked!


Is there a proud emoji somewhere? :star::star_struck::stars:

Thanks for this post, it was fun to do!


And… another - thanks @PrincipalTinker for the tip!





I am “certified”. Is there more that I missed??


You need to start again but this time as advanced user.


Certificates and badges!


How do you do that?


@ discobot start advanced user

No space after the @


Found it! And done!


I didn’t realize the spoiler, blur and poll tools were there until I took the bot classes. Nice!


That was new for me too!