New Uses Tutorials?


@len, I am sorry to tag you but I have something I want to ask you. I notice that many liners have a badge because they completed a new user tutorial. Does this cover, in any detail, where certain conversations can take place or any other guidelines?

On Friday this forum will be 4 years old. Some of us have been here every single day (don’t judge- I embrace my craziness). Can we see those tutorials ? How can we access them?

I know there are the community guidelines, I just read them again. Thanks


There are community guidelines?? There are trainingses??
I feel so old… I remember the first forum day sniff


So do I! Wasn’t it an “interesting” day/week/month?


If you go into your PMs, and send one to @ discobot, you should see the discobot help menu. tag discobot and type “start New User” and you can do a quick run through of the new user tutorial.


I literally didn’t know any of this. Thank you @MouseGirl42.

Ah, the first forum week. Every time I talk about it, I always end with “You weren’t there, man! YOU WEREN’T THERE!”


Even better - there’s also an advanced user tutorial! As of writing, there are exactly 2 users with the badge for completing it.

I leave it as an exercise to figure out how to launch the advanced user tutorial… :wink:


I just did the new user, it was fun! And I got my badge. I need to try the advanced user one when I’m home from work :see_no_evil:

Ok I couldn’t wait. Completed it and got my badge!


Fortune cookies??? Really?


You may wat to end it THANK GOD YOU WEREN’T THERE!!!


Ah! See we were here on July 20th and a few of us have been here just about every single day since there. That badge is reserved for the liners you had here before then (no, I really don’t have badge envy).


Oh! That badge should be “your always here man, your always here”:wink:


What am I doing wrong? I can’t find it?


Send a pm to @ discobot and in the body of the message tag discobot and put start new user.


I see you’re not the only one who went ahead with it… the number of Licensed users has quadrupled in the last day! (there are currently 8 :wink: )


Yep. I was curious


So, in order to know how to get to the new user tutorial, you need to first be trained to know what all that means.

I’ll see if I can figure it out.


I only had time to do the first one this morning. I can see why so many people are flagging based on that. It stopped the tutorial when I did a private message, but went on when I did a report.


Okay. I completed the new user tutorial. I guess I’m no longer a newbie!


Thanks, I will give it a go!


Okay. And now I’m a “Licensed” user (I completed the advanced tutorial). Woohoo. Moving up in the world!