New Trent iCarrier Portable Charger $24.99

Found a great deal on the iCarrier. It's the Trent charger that has 2 ports and enough power for an iPad with it's 2 amp port. When checking out enter promo code TWOPORTS to get $13.00 off the listed price.


thats the one i have. it's fantastic!! highly recommend

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I have it, too. Love it!!

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Thanks I almost ordered this last night. You just saved me $13!! Thank you!

I love liners!

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Thank you! I just ordered and I also saved $13! This is the one I wanted! smile

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No problem... glad some others were able to save too. It's just one of those things I've had on my list to get for our trip and just happened on the code today on a deal blog.

I actually bought a second one of those a couple of months ago. That's a great price!

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That is a great price. Mine has been a perfect purchase.

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I was going to buy it for myself for Christmas for our spring WDW trip, but just bought it now. Thanks for the tip!

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How many charges of what (iPhone, iPad?) can you get out of one full charge of this?

Also, since it looks like the USB cords go into it, I can assume the iPhone 6 will work too? Yes?

Depends on the device because they both have different charging capacities. This is around 5 to 6 times the battery size of what's in an iPhone.

i think amazon needs to give you a kick back from all the peeps that ordered yesterday... including me blush

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So do you think I can assume I could easily charge 2 phones (and possibly also an iPad mini if needed…though from what I understand the batter doesn't run down as fast in the iPads?) once while in the parks for the day?

haha I wish!

@signusup I'd say you could get at least one charge of each from a fully charged iCarrier. The ipod mini takes 4400 MaH, and each phone is around 1,500 MaH. That's about 7,000 of the iCarriers 12,000 MaH which means you could probably get a second charge on each of the iphone's if you needed it. Just make sure to plug the iCarrier into a wall jack every night as it takes about 6-8 hours to charge.

Thanks you so much, you've been incredibly helpful. Saved me a bunch of time of trying to figure this all out. I'm already getting teased about how much time I've spent prepping for this trip...

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Oh no worries. It will only get worse until you go on the trip, but then those same people will be fawning over you for making such a great trip!

One more question…what do I need to buy on Amazon to plug it into the wall?

Here'e what it says on the page, but no link, so I wasn't sure….
For optimal charging we suggest charging the battery from a high speed USB wall adapter or charger (Not Included)
- New Trent's USB wall charger
- New Trent's Car charger.

It will recharge from any usb charger that is rated at 2amps or higher. Their own works fine and I believe the one that comes with the iPad is also a 2amp charger. Here's the link to theirs, it's very reasonable.

Is this fairly light and small? I have the Jackery now that is good really only for one full charge, but it's super light and small.