New touring plan note limit?

Is there a new limit to how long the attraction notes can be in the touring plan? Occasionally I have a reason to make mine pretty long. I went to edit a note today and couldn’t, with the error message “Use no more than 250 characters” popping up.

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Yeah, I had that too. Need more letters please. Apparently, I write a lot of notes. Lol

Apparently the TP team is taking a page from Disney’s playbook. From now on:

  • Notes beyond 250 characters will require an additional $1 per note
  • If you want to add special events such as Dessert Parties and other upcharge events, TP will require you to pay an additional $5 for each event
  • Allocating time periods of rest are still free for on site guests, but if you are staying off site you will also need to pay $5 per rest period!



Say it ain’t so!

What would be next - free to evaluate, but optimize is $2 a pop? :slight_smile:
Making on-site guests pay to park at the parks? No, wait, that’s Disney’s side of things.

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Don’t give them any ideas!